3 image collage of a used 2018 Audi Q5, 2016 Mazda CX-5, and 2017 Ford Escape ranked among the best AWD SUVs

When it comes to driving in Colorado, nothing compares to an AWD SUV. These vehicles contain the versatility, capability, and performance you are looking for in Colorado Springs, especially when you have to drive in the snow. However, it isn't always easy to find the best-used AWD SUVs for sale. We've ranked our top five choices for the most dependable used SUVs with all-wheel-drive, and four used AWD SUVs to avoid.

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5 of the Best Used AWD SUVs in 2020

Among the most popular used AWD SUVs, these are our favorite options.

2016 Mazda CX-5

Used 2016 Mazda CX-5 driving on a mountain-side highway

Not only is the used Mazda CX-5 one of the most reliable AWD SUVs, but it also features tons of cargo and passenger room.

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2017 Ford Escape

Used 2017 Ford Escape as it drives down the truck with the driver cracking a big smile

The used Ford Escape Titanium trim features 4WD, not just AWD, and offers a fully-loaded package full of great amenities.

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2018 Audi Q5

Used 2018 Audi Q5 parked by a lake at sunset with pink and orange colors in the sky reflecting off the water

As a pick for the best AWD SUV, no one can argue about the sleek style and class this model brings to the table. The quattro AWD system from Audi is tried and true.

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2018 Jeep Compass

Used White 2018 Jeep Compass with black roof and accents

The Jeep Compass can tow up to 2,000 pounds with the 2.4-liter engine and has a robust AWD powertrain.

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2018 Nissan Rogue

Used Orange 2018 Nissan Rogue parked on a pathway covered by large, overhanging trees grown together

Look for a used AWD Nissan Rogue equipped with Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, a rearview monitor, and a seven-inch display.

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4 of the Worst Used AWD SUVs in 2020

In the midst of looking for the best used AWD SUV to buy in Colorado Springs, you are sure to come across some that aren't worth your money. We have found the worst used AWD SUVs to steer away from.

2010 BMW X5

Used Blue 2010 BMW X5 parked on top of a parking building

The used BMW X5 was ranked as one of the most unreliable 4x4 SUVs of its time.

2010 Volvo XC90

Used White Volvo XC90 SUV pulling into a parking spot inside an enclosed parking garage

This model year for the used Volvo XC90 suffers from costly repairs damaging its reliability score.

2015 Honda CR-V

Used 2015 Honda CR-V parked on the side of a road up in the mountains

While the Honda CR-V has been ranked as one of the safest AWD SUVs, and an excellent option for the family, the all-wheel-drive system on this used Honda CR-V continues to disappoint customers.

2012 Jeep Liberty

Used White 2012 Jeep Liberty Arctic Edition SUV parked by some snowy rocks with tinted windows

You might find that this is not a lousy 4WD SUV for the snow, but most people aren't happy with the design, features, handling, and an extensive list of mechanical problems. This model year has some mixed reviews at best.

Useful Tips for Finding the Best & Avoiding the Worst Used AWD SUVs

If you want to find the best AWD or the best 4x4 SUVs in Colorado Springs, you will want to do your research. It's critical to shop for used AWD SUVs from a reputable dealership. Otherwise, there's no telling what you will get. At Phil Long Valucar, we strive to thoroughly inspect our entire used inventory to ensure each model will impress customers.

If you choose to purchase from us, a private seller, or even another dealership, make sure you follow these tips to protect yourself.

  • Have a third-party mechanic look over the SUV.
  • Ask for a warranty or guarantee. If possible, purchase a certified pre-owned SUV for further protection.
  • Take a test drive and try out every system during the trip.
  • Get a vehicle history report to ensure you aren't buying a wrecked or flooded vehicle.
  • Research the history of the SUV model to ensure reliability and safety.

Above all, stick to your budget. There's no reason to spend more on a used AWD SUV in Colorado Springs, especially when you shop at Phil Long Valucar, where you can get a great deal on any used vehicle we have in stock.

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