At Phil Long Valucar in Colorado Springs we have gained the trust of the community by being transparent, honest, and always doing what's best for our customers. That's why we are happy to show you exactly how we do what we do!

Below, Harry, one of our long-time service technicians, takes you step-by-step through the basic process of how we change the oil of customers' vehicles.

The first step, as noted by Harry, is to locate the oil drain plug. As he points out, it is important not to confuse the oil drain plug with the transmission drain plug, as some vehicles have both.

While it's draining you can go ahead and remove the oil filter, which should be located near the oil pan. This is a part that is completely replaceable, so you simply unscrew the filter, and screw in a brand new one. Make sure that you apply a bit of oil around the rim of the new filter when you replace it. If you need an oil filter just visit Phil Long Valucar to see if we have the right oil filter in stock for your vehicle.

Before your replace your oil filter from us, or any other parts store, you should - if you don't already know - ask what the oil capacity is for your vehicle. That way you know how much oil you should put in.

For those of you who don't want to tackle this job on your own, stop by our North Colorado Springs dealership location on Academy.