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At ValuCar in Colorado Springs we don't think you should have to get stuck with a huge monthly payment just because you need a ride. That's why we have a huge selection of great cars, trucks, and SUVs that will give you what you need without putting you in debt! With ValuCar you can buy a vehicle, and stil have some money left over for gas, maintenance, and all the other things that you need. In other words you can have your cake and eat it too!


Chose from our huge inventory of domestic and import cars. We have all the makes and models. Cars, trucks, and SUVs from makers like Honda, Toyota, Ford, Chevy, and more are available. Find your used car under $10,000 in our big selection.


ValuCar is a Phil Long dealership, and just like all Phil Long dealerships we have a history of ethical business practice which has helped us stay in business for over 40 years. We uphold our company values by giving our customers a fair price, and superior service. Stop by our car dealership and see for yourself today!